Unique Window Solution proudly presents the Alumil SMARTIA P200 Office Partitioning system, an exceptional offering that redefines the concept of office spaces. With its innovative features and focus on modern aesthetics and enhanced sound insulation, the SMARTIA P200 sets a new standard for partitioning solutions in businesses. Specifically designed for various applications, including: 1. Corporate offices 2. Business premises 3. Co-working spaces 4. Professional services firms 5. Government and public sector offices 6. Educational institutions 7. Healthcare facilities 8. Hospitality establishments With the SMARTIA P200 Office Partitioning system from Unique Window Solution, you can transform your office space into a productive and stylish environment, where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly converge.


  • Unique Elegance With Structrual Design
  • Absolute Structrual Outcomes
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Glass Thickness - 12mm