Unique Window Solution proudly presents the Alumil SMARTIA P100 Office Partitioning system, a timeless and sleek solution for interior partitioning. The SMARTIA P100 system provided by Unique Window Solution showcases expertise in interior partitioning, breaking away from traditional and uninspiring options. With its elegant design and exceptional functionality, it transforms spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. Specifically designed for various applications, including: 1. Business premises 2. Offices 3. Meeting rooms 4. Banqueting areas 5. Commercial spaces Discover the benefits of the SMARTIA P100 interior partitioning system offered by Unique Window Solution, where purpose and style seamlessly converge. Featuring double gaskets, it ensures enhanced sound insulation, creating a quiet and productive environment for optimal focus and productivity.


  • Thin aluminium framework for a clean and minimalistic look
  • Double Gasket For Increased Sound Insulation
  • Easy installation without the need for special machining or tools
  • Ideal For Open Office Spaces