Unique Window Solution proudly offers the Alumil SMARTIA M45000, an exceptional solution for sliding and lifting sliding windows and doors. This advanced non-insulated system boasts a contemporary flat design, adding a sleek and modern touch to any space. The SMARTIA M45000 system is highly versatile, catering to a wide range of needs. It utilizes common profiles for the construction of both simple Lift and Slide sliding typologies, making it adaptable to various project requirements. It particularly excels in projects that require large spans and in areas with warmer climates. When you choose the SMARTIA M45000 from Unique Window Solution, you can benefit from its innovative features and reliable performance. Embrace the flexibility and aesthetic appeal of this non-insulated sliding and lifting sliding system, seamlessly blending functionality with a modern design. Specifically designed for middle-end projects such as: 1. Residential buildings 2. Commercial buildings 3. Office spaces 4. Retail outlets 5. Hospitality establishments 6. Public facilities


  • Modern and sleek flat design
  • Versatility for sliding and lifting sliding windows and doors
  • Ideal for projects with large spans
  • Suitable for warmer climates
  • Offers flexibility in customization and design options
  • Reliable performance and durability