Unique Window Solution offers the impressive Alumil SMARTIA M19800 Insulated Folding Doors, catering to the requirements of both normal and large-scale constructions. This exceptional system is purposefully designed to fulfill the diverse needs of various projects. Specifically designed for middle-end projects such as: 1. Modern residences 2. Office Buildings 3. Conference centres 4. Hotels and restaurants The M19800 system offers exceptional security and energy efficiency, ensuring peace of mind and cost savings. With a wide range of solutions available, you can customize the doors to meet your specific requirements and design preferences. Discover the remarkable features of the SMARTIA M19800 Insulated Folding Doors from Unique Window Solution and elevate your spaces to new heights.


  • Spacious and expansive design
  • Robust construction ensuring durability and smooth operation over time
  • Excellent thermal insulation resulting in energy efficiency
  • Exceptional performance in withstanding wind, preventing air leakage, and maintaining waterproof integrity
  • Simple installation and effortless customization